Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graduation, Summer and Transition ( part one)

I was reminded at my daughter's school graduation that summer and changing schools is a bitter-sweet experience for parents and children alike.  Leaving a school after six years is like leaving a family. There is a great joy and loss for both parent and child. Even more so, for a single parent, immigrant from England and an adopted daughter from China who have made their home in the United States in this community in Mill Valley California. I have been reflective since the 'send off'' of graduating 5th graders last week. My daughter and I,  are both displaced so to speak and have found home in a country other than our birth place- for me out of choice, for my daughter out of necessity.

At present, I am surprised  by a feeling of being  untethered from my moorings, as if in free fall.  It has made me reflect on how fortunate we are  in our home, as a family, to grow up in such a secure and caring community and  how entering a bigger school next year will be a whole new experience for both of us. By the Fall I know we will be ready for the excitement and adventure of being in a new school with a lot of our community walking along beside us towards the next developmental phase.  As a leaving parent, I want to express my gratitude to Edna Maguire Elementary school , that has been a home away from home for my daughter and myself,  for the last six years.  The  Principle and teachers and amazing community of parents have  helped 'grow up' my daughter and myself and infused my daughter with a sense of confidence and poise and 'worldly' knowledge. 

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