Adoption Parenting Groups

Single Parenting Adoption group     

When: Friday evening  
 on-going (call 415 381 5889)
Time: 6.30 - 7.45
Where: Mill Valley
Fee: $25 - $40 each session (dependent on financial ability to pay)
small class size. (7 participants max)

This is a group that focuses on the unique challenges  of single parent adoptive families.  To be successful in your development and growth and to thrive  in your single parent adoptive family, there needs to be a great deal of daily kindness, compassion and wisdom in how you relate to these unique challenges.  This group will provide you with:

  • A supportive community who really understands what it is to be a single adoptive parent
  • The validation and acknowledgement of the unique challenges of your particular family  
  • A safe receptive environment for developing new skills in self care   
  • An environment to explore managing and vanquishing the debilitating stress involved in single parenting
  • Information about attachment and how to enhance a sense of security in yourself and your children during change and transition
  • An exploration of how you and your family are negotiating the 7 core issues of adoption
  • A supportive community in which you  can celebrate your successes
Call 415 381 5889 or email: for more information. 

Surviving and Thriving!: an on-going support group for foster/adoptive parents of children of all ages 
1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month is the Post adoption group
4th Tuesday of the month is pre-adopt and newly adopted group

When:  Tuesday evenings 
Time:   5.30 - 7.30
Where: Seneca Center, Kerner boulevard, San Rafael
Fee: No charge
Child care provided
Dinner provided

Are you a foster, pre-adopt or adoptive parent who is needing support of community? It is time to celebrate the joys and challenges of being an adoptive parent!
Do you need some acknowledgment and encouragement with other people who can identify with what you are experiencing as a foster/ adopt parent?
Do you need some useful information about how to help your child with their socio-emotional development? Do you need a fresh outlook on how to transform those 'difficult’ behaviors? Or what about sharing the successes and transitions in life?

This group will provide a space for you:

  • To learn some relaxation/stress management techniques.
  • To have an opportunity to tell your story about adoption and foster-care.
  • To learn about the seven core issues in adoption and how they impact you and your child. 
  • To discuss attachment issues and how insecure attachment influences your child's behavior.
  • To learn how to interrupt the pattern of insecure attachment once the pattern is identified.
  • Provide an opportunity to get feedback about parenting challenges.
  • Provide an opportunity to form connections with other foster/adopt parents.
  • To gain information about traumatic stress and security of attachment. 

To enroll, call Cherry at (415) 381-5889 for location and enrollment information for both groups. 
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