Classes and events

Classes coming up in 2013:

Sunday: Once a month. Oct 4th/Nov 1st/Dec 18th
(Classes held in Mill Valley office or at Women's Health Center UCSF)
Time: 11-1                            
(Spaces limited in Mill Valley office only)

Fee: $45 per family             
Call to reserve a space:  415 381 5889 or 
For babies 2 weeks to crawling and their parents:
To have fun, relax and enjoy bonding with your baby, while learning techniques to: sooth discomfort from gas and colic; encourage healthy sleep patterns; boost the baby’s immune system and promote healthy functioning and development of muscles and joints. 

Cherry Jones  has worked for 30 years  as a somatic and family therapist and for 10 years she has taught many parents and infants about the benefits  and wonders of Infant Massage Communication


Communication through the senses Part 1 for families Pre-birth/adopting parents 
Infant massage communication (part 1) This class will give you an introduction to the sensory world of the infant. The sensory input which provides security for the infant when they first arrive in your world.  In this class you will learn:
-          A full body new born massage
-          Self-relaxation skills for new parents
-          Ways to hold your infant for soothing their discomfort
-          What to look for in the body and facial cues of your baby to understand the baby's needs
-          How to attune to your baby's needs in the first few weeks
Teaching will be provided with the use of:
1) watching a demonstration on DVD for visual reference.  Following the techniques taught by Vimila McClure in her book Infant Massage.
2) The use of dolls for hands on practice techniques to use with your newly arrived baby 
3) Demonstrations of techniques by teacher  following the routine in provided hand outs.
3) Group discussion facilitated by teacher
4) Handouts

Communication through the senses: Infant Massage part 2 For  families with babies 2 weeks to 10 months:

This class will give parents a way to review  techniques  you have learned in the introduction to infant massage communication  and ask questions about the  techniques you have been practicing with your baby.  Also If this is your first class – welcome! In this class you will learn:
-     A full body infant massage (including additional techniques and  playful  stretches for infants)
-     Self-relaxation skills for new parents
-     Ways to attune to your baby’s body and facial cues
-     Learn ways to monitor the amount of sensory stimulation your baby can tolerate
-     Techniques  to  help your baby deal with gas/colic and digestive pain
-     Calming techniques to sooth a fussy baby
-     Techniques to deal with discomfort of ear ache and cold congestion
-     How Infant massage can be a way for you to play, enjoy and relax along with   your baby
415 381 5889