Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Sacred Pause

A sacred pause can not take long, life is really way too busy for that! And yet a sacred pause is long enough to take a breath….. or two or maybe five……A sacred pause is just long enough to  interrupt the intensity of a frenzied pattern of  thoughts and feelings and behaviors…. and change perspective.

It is a moment….. or moments  in my day to stop and be still with myself…a time  to regain the solid ground of emotional equilibrium and see a new unexplored horizon that has been obscured by a thick fog of urgency…… A pause can allow for a focused awareness, that can bring  the brain and nervous system back into balance.  It is also an opportunity for sorting out life's experiences and for organizing or integrating  these experiences.  This is not only good for us but it is a skill that can greatly benefit our children.
Parenting, is one of the best environments to learn and to teach about the need to take a sacred pause from the flurry of life. Taking a long walk on the mountain, meditating, reading a book or stopping before I say something I would regret in a heated argument with my daughter are all examples of sacred pauses in my day.  For my daughter it is choosing to read a book or playing a board game and be relational rather than engage with technological gadgets.
At times the ability to pause can be the difference between potential catastrophe or beauty; power struggles  or securing trust in our most important  relationships. Why 'sacred'? I believe that it is the best gift we can give ourselves and our children, especially during the Holidays and it does not cost a dime. It is also a way for me to celebrate me, not in a narcissistic way but by giving myself a compassionate space to be. That I would say is sacred!
 Research is now showing that taking time for regular mindful self reflection  is an essential part of programing the brain for being an emotionally healthy, securely attached human being.
Writing is also one of my favorite ways to pause,  so thanks for taking the time to pause with me!
Happy holidays……………... And now I needed to make a cup of tea and check my holiday shopping list!

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