Friday, October 29, 2010

Infant massage and soothing digestive problems

Your baby's physical and emotional well being can benefit greatly from receiving Infant Massage (and then the growing child massage) regularly. Many of the parents in my classes have given me the feed back that some of the most useful techniques they learned were those for helping to relieve gas and constipation - the belly massage techniques. Every baby experiences gas and digestive discomfort during their infant and toddler life, as they develop and grow into their new environment. It is upsetting to all babies to have digestive pain and it can also be distressing to the parent to not know how to relieve that pain.

Adopted infants and children when they arrive home are adapting to big changes in their life as well as negotiating new foods and formula and water etc. Such a big transition can cause constipation (it is not unusual for some babies to go without a bowel movement for a few days at first), or diarrhea, gas and other discomfort. If the pediatrician agrees that the digestive complaints are due to the transition, then the application of these techniques can be most relieving to the baby. It is also most beneficial to you , the parent, to be able to feel that you can be effective in relieving your child's discomfort.

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