Friday, November 19, 2010

Parent classes for Adoptive parents

I went to a child and infant CPR class on Tuesday night. The class was packed with parents and child-care educators. I am so glad that I had a refresher class as the last time I took this class was pre 2006 at my daughter's nursery school and the recommended techniques have changed.

Adoptive parents often do not think of going to these basic infant care and safety classes while they are in the busy- ness and all consuming experience of the adoption process. So here are the must take classes I would recommend to put on your list of things still to do while preparing your daughter's bedroom and safety proofing the house and getting finger printed for the 3rd time!:

1) CPR and first aid class for children and infants(2-3 hour class)

2) A basic infant care class with hands on practice with dolls, if you are adopting an infant. It is a great way to gain information about vaccinations;sleeping safety;swaddling etc;ways to hold and comfort a baby; early childhood development etc (all day 5-6 hour class usually).
The medical centers where I have taught classes UCSF and CPMC in San Francisco have classes. My 'welcome home' classes will cover some of this infomation also post adoption and are geared specifically towards adopted infants whereas the classes at the hospitals are specifically geared to pre-birth biological parents to be.

3) Car seat safety. Do this before the child gets in the car. ie. pre-adoption. Go to Highway patrol or fire station or AAA (you do not have to be a member) You do need to make an appointment and learn how to fit your child's car seat securely in your car. (I thought I had the seat secured safely and sturdily until I got the highway patrol treatment test. (It only takes about 10 mins to get it right.)

4) Obtain your' local emergency medical services' phone number for your area and program it into your cell phone. I found out in the CPR class that if you call from a cell phone with 911 you will be put on hold for many minutes, and you may not have that kind of time in a medical emergency. Call you local police station or fire department to get that number.(Takes a few minutes)

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