Friday, December 24, 2010

Adopting an Infant

The first 12 weeks of a human being's life is a time of transition from the womb to the outer world. For an adopted infant it is also a transition from Birth mother to adoptive parent. The physical body of the baby is still adjusting from leaving the warm massaging waters of the womb and the noises of the womb to being in the air and noise filled environment of the outer world. The first 18 months is the optimum time to bond and attach and learn about safety and security with their new parents. It is useful to find a baby carrier that allows you, to 'wear' your baby so that she can experience the body warmth of the parent and the simulated containment of the womb. It has been shown in research that wearing a baby can significantly increase the development of a secure attachment. It is also useful, if you are able, to have at least some time off work after the adoption, 3 months is optimum. for the 'getting to know eachother' and the bonding process.

I have found from experience that the best carriers to use for a baby 0- 10 weeks is a sling. Many of the parents with whom I have worked have also found the Moby wrap very useful in carrying a small infant. The Moby wrap is a wonderful product once you take the time to read the instructions! It can double as a sling and up-right baby carrier, as the baby becomes older. For more information about this product go to

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