Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adoption: In the Beginning

To begin the process of adoption very often comes out of something that has ended and now a new cycle/chapter begins. The path towards Adoption takes a focused intention and attention to detail. Individuals who are considering adoption often wonder if they can try to get pregnant at the same time they are filing the paperwork for adoption. I am often asked this question by couples or individuals wishing to become parents and have experienced difficulties in conceiving their own child.

As it is possible to do both, I have found that the energy and money and focused attention involved in both these paths is all consuming. It is often best to treat both these experiences as two paths to achieve the same outcome. Setting a time limit on how long you will try to get pregnant is useful. If not successful, you can then, pause, grieve, and give all your full attention to the process of adopting your child. Both paths involve putting aside fear and a surrender to a larger sense of Life as we know it. Either way we do not know in what kind of physical body our child may arrive, but with full intention and attention he/she will arrive.

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