Sunday, November 27, 2011

Considering single parent adoption?

If you are considering single parent adoption, then, I found that one of the first things to do after making the decision, is to find a group of people who have already adopted a child or are in the process of adopting a child; preferably single parents to be. When I first decided to adopt my daughter from China I joined a single parent group, specifically for women in the Bay Area who had adopted or were in the process of adopting their daughters from China.  I found this group through the organization called "Families of Children from China."  "Resolve" is another good resource for possibly finding an adoption group to join.

 Intitially, it was through the FCC group that I found different referrals for adoption agencies and eventually chose the adoption agency that I wanted to use to help me through the process of  adopting my daughter. The group provided encouragement for me when I was in that arduous waiting period for the adoption to be finalized and gave me hope when we celebrated together the arrival of each child when they came home to the U.S.
Later on, we provided childcare support for eachother, and we became very familiar with eachother's adoption story.  Now the children are nearly teenagers, some go to the same school or are doing the same after school sport.   Some of the parents are married, some are still single. We are even 'older' than the  'older parents to be' that we were! And I am thankful we have eachother.  
I believe that it is in part, because of this connection to these other families, that my daughter does not feel in any way weird or extraordinary being a daughter adopted from China and living with a single parent in California!

Come join us!     An Adoption support group for parents of children of all ages. Beginning  Thursday January 12th, 6-7.30pm for 10 weeks. Mill Valley, CA. 
Call  415 381 5889  for more information.

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