Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adoption: Creating a family

Once you have made the decision to adopt, then the next step is to sort through a maze of information about how to adopt and the process towards adoption. The choices are numerous and it is important to know what you can handle as an individual, as a couple (if you are in a partnership) and as a parent to be. ie. Are you comfortable as an individual and as a parent with a son or daughter of a different race or ethnicity? Is domestic adoption or international adoption the best for you? Do you want to adopt a baby or would an older child be preferable? Have you considered adopting a child out of the fostercare system? Maybe private adoption? Open or closed adoption?

It is useful to gather the information and then sort through it carefully to assess what the best route will be in forming your family. To help with this initial information gathering process and decision making process I find the organization Resolve http://www.resolve.org/. to be extremely helpful. It may also be a good time to join a group of other parents in this process or get support from a professional therapist with experience in adoption, to help keep you on track while sorting through the emotional , cognitive and spiritual feedback of your own heart and mind ( and relatives!).

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